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Bowel Research UK Case Study

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Company Overview

Bowel Research UK (BRUK) is a medical research charity that is dedicated to funding early grant research into new treatments and potential cures for bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and other bowel disorders. Their goal is to save lives and help enable people living with chronic bowel conditions to enjoy a much better quality of life. They’re the kickstart motor, without which much less research into bowel conditions would be done.   

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The Challenge

BRUK needed support to implement strategies for selected campaigns and strengthen relationships with partners who are key players in the world of charities, such as Much Loved and Making A Difference.  

Their core goals are to increase donations whilst spreading awareness of the charity and improving knowledge and communication around bowel conditions and disorders.  

BRUK Case Study

Our Approach

With support across Paid and Social Media channels, we enacted PPC campaigns that ultimately encourage donations to the charity. Working with our expert PPC team, we strategised and worked towards key goals with the BRUK team while getting really under the skin of the BRUK brand. 

Our Design Team worked with our Social Media team to produce fantastic graphics and animations to improve visibility across social channels, which encouraged much-improved engagement rates and provided much greater brand visibility. 

During August, we carried out extensive development work across the site to promote their annual “Auguts” campaign: a whole month’s focus where there is a home page takeover, with added social media campaigns to encourage donations and engagement with the community.  

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BRUK Social Media

The Results


Donation Increase


August Traffic Increase YoY


Hours of Social Media Management

Continuous Support

The qoob team understand our goals, values, audience, and image. The team's continuous support for our website and social media has been invaluable and without doubt has played a significant part in the charity going from strength to strength.

Lynn Dunne, CEO of Bowel Research UK