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Ecommerce social media tips and topics – How to keep the audience engaged

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Date 23 June 2023

Social Media has made waves for Ecommerce brands by opening new marketing avenues and offering opportunities for interaction with customers. However, many businesses rely too heavily on their product promotion and often overlook critical elements of their brand that they should be talking about.   

This blog will explore why diversifying your content is essential and outline some alternative ideas for your Ecommerce social media marketing strategy.  

You're focusing too much on the product.  

It's natural to want to showcase your products, and you probably think that showing the product will sell it, but flooding your social media channels with promotional posts can be counterproductive. You want to keep your audience engaged with fresh and unique content consistently. By only posting about products, you can tire your audience and potentially lead them to unfollow your account. Consumers appreciate brands that share a balance of product with non-product content.   

Keep up the variety  

Having a variety of post topics helps maintain the interest of your audience and enables you to plan and structure what you'll be posting. You can rotate through your topics. Diversifying the topics also helps with reach, and will engage your existing audience which adds depth to your brand's identity.

5 Social Media topic ideas for Ecommerce:  

1- Educational content – Teach your audience about you, your products and your values. When your followers know more about you and your products, they're more likely to convert. This helps set you aside from the competition and allows you to hone in on your niche. Here are some ideas;
- Could you share valuable information about your products, the materials used to make them or the people who make them?
- Could you do a tutorial to help educate your audience on how they could use your products?
- Could you educate them on how to maintain or repair the product?
- Could you teach them about how the product is made?
- Are there ethics behind the creation of your products that you could educate your audience on?

2- Behind the scenes – Social media is a great tool to help demonstrate your brand's personality. An easy way to achieve this is by posting behind-the-scenes content. It allows your followers to build a relationship and connection with the process and the people involved with that process. Show your point of view when making videos or products! Give that unique inside view into your working life and allow your followers to feel like they get something special and exciting from your social media profile and keep them coming back for more.

3- User Generated Content – When you share content from your customers on social media, it encourages other customers to engage with the brand and share their thoughts, photos and experiences. Whether it's reviews or pictures of people with your products, create fear of missing out (FOMO) and add credibility to your offering. The idea here is to increase engagement and establish that credibility.

4- Questions and Polls – Interact with your followers by asking questions related to your products or your industry. Questions and polls on your social media channels demand response, and they almost force engagement! This makes your followers feel involved and can even teach YOU something about your audience's perspective, which may help you tailor your products, positioning and social media posts.

5- Ethics and values – You own an Ecommerce brand, so you're selling things... Well, people are buying consciously! They care about where the materials are sourced, where the manufacture takes place, who makes the product and if they're paid fairly. You should use your social media profiles to promote your brand's ethics and values. This could be quite literally, or you could take a more alluded approach. Whatever works best for your brand, make sure you promote your ethics and values. If you don't have any, maybe rethink where and what you stand for.   

By diversifying your social media content, you can enrich your followers' experience. More importantly, you can develop a brand identity that goes beyond the product and can help sell the product further by promoting values that the company holds.   

Remember the three points of social media. To personalise the brand, to sell products, and to increase brand awareness. Selling products shouldn’t be your only goal!

Above all else, if you need help with your social media strategy or management, don't hesitate to send us an email or get in touch

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